Why are my ram slots different colors

3 Answers. Every slot color indicates that which type of RAM should be placed in it. If there are two slots that have the same color then it indicates that it supports dual channel.

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What does the color coding on RAM slots mean? ... If your motherboard has two different color slots, ... Where is the RAM slot in my motherboard?

How to Install RAM (with Pictures) - wikiHow 4 Apr 2019 ... Most are labeled on the board or by color, though you may need to refer .... If you have multiple free slots, install RAM in the lowest number first. How to upgrade your laptop's RAM | PCWorld 24 May 2018 ... Before you spend any money on has open memory slots, or any memory ... For this RAM upgrade guide, our base is the most popular laptop in town: ... If you keep multiple apps or browser tabs open, 2GB of RAM definitely isn't enough. .... in place by the metal arms (in color on this image) on each side. Memory Configuration Guide - Supermicro

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Most computer motherboards have between two and four slots for RAM, and if one of these slots fails, your computer won't see the RAM stick installed in it. Your motherboard has 4 memory slots - 2 blue and 2 black Your motherboard has 4 memory slots - 2 blue and 2 black. How should you arrange your memory? A) Slower memory in blue, faster in black. B) NVRAM in blue, RAM in black; C) Put equal size/speed of RAM in the slots, so that each slot matches its paired slot color. D) Primary ram in blue, backup ram in black. Show Answer Next Question

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USUALLY -- but not always -- the slots are coded so that slots of the same color are in different channels. That's so you can get dual-channel operation which doubles the bandwidth to the memory during data transfers. The key is you want to install memory in pairs, but with each module in a different … What does the color coding on RAM slots mean? - Quora Feb 17, 2016 · Answer Wiki. The colour coding of the RAM slots indicates which slots are paired together for the configuration of dual/triple/quad/... channel RAM. Dual channel (or higher) basically means that if you put two (or more) compatible sticks in the corresponding slots, you will get higher data transfer speed between the CPU and the RAM.

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Blue and Black RAM Slots? Difference? | Tom's Hardware Forum I have 4 slots on my MOBO, 2x Blue, 2x Black. I have 2x 4gb 1333 of RAM but they are both in the Black slots, because if i put one in a Blue and one in a Black, it shows only 4gigs of RAM instead of 8gb. So if i put 2x4gb 1333 more (beside my 8gb(2x4g)) and fill every slot (blue and blacks) will it show 16gb of RAM? [memory] Different color memory slots - Computer Hardware ... [memory] Different color memory slots. ... check the motherboard manual to see which 2 are the primary ram slots and which are the secondary you'll put the the 2GB in the primary and the 1GB in ... RAM Color Slot Question - TechSpot Forums

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